Windows feel bear without curtains. They create softness, privacy and filter light.

White curtains go with every style and can match any occasion. They can also be re-decorated many years later. Selection of curtains online is endless. We’re going to show you different types of white curtains and drapes so you’ll have an idea which type are right for you. Some of the most common white curtains includes the Boho style, Traditional style, French Country, California Modern, Sedish Cottage, Eclwectic, and Coastal.

Main Features of White Curtains to Consider

Type of Material:

  • Sheer lets in lots of light while still providing privacy. Adding sheer curtains behind your drapes will also help protect your drapes from sun damage.
  • Linen or Cotton Blends create a natural look with texture that ranges from sheer to opaque. Cotton has the ability to insulate much better than man-made fabrics. This helps to keep a house cool in summer by keeping out the bright afternoon sunlight, or can insulate windows from the cold in the winter.
  • Denser fabric like Wool and Velvet help block light and noise
  • Polyester is durable, resistant to wrinkles, and affordable. Making a good choice for living rooms or bedrooms. However polyester is flammable so avoid using them in kitchens.

Light Control

White Blackout Curtains can also be used to create complete darkness for your bedroom or home theater system. Whether by blocking sunlight or street lights at night. Blackout curtains can create the ambiance of night and help reduce those health problems.

Lined vs Unlined Curtains – Unlined curtains may not be as heavy or protective as lined curtains, but they still have some advantages: Cool – The insulation of lined curtains isn’t always a benefit. In summer, unlined curtains provide a lightweight way of getting privacy in your home while allowing air to flow through.

Hanging Method:

What kind of look do you have in mind? For example, the Rod pocket are amongst the most popular ways to hang curtains. the easiest way to hang a curtain is sliding the rod through the pocket or slide it through grommets. Curtain rings is another popular choice. Curtains are attached to rings, and those rings are then slipped onto the curtain rod.

The Length for Your Look:

  • 63″ Long Curtains fall at the sill for a casual look
  • 84″ Long curtains fall below the sill for a longer leaner profile
  • 96″ – 108″ Long or floor length has a polish pull together look that lengthen windows . They are typically 96″ – 108″ long depending on your ceiling height and should fall a quarter of an inch above the floor so they don’t pick up dust
  • 124″ Long curtains bunch on the floor for a puddle effect. We love the Bohemian look but you only want to use this in low traffic area. Kids and pets can make a mess with these.

And remember, you can make a room feel bigger by making the curtain hang wider or taller than the window.

Brown on White Moroccan Pattern Sheer Curtains Embroidered

White sheer curtains with embroidered Moroccan design adds style and elegance to your room and makes your windows look very soft and natural.

Polyester White Linen Drapes with Thermal Blackout 

The linen fabric is soft but not too thin, the blackout lining is very thick with sewn hems. The pleats are even and look very nice. This drape is well worth the price!  Blackout fabric in white to block 95% of light and thermal insulate.

Semi Sheer Casual Weave White Curtains for Bedroom 

Thick sheer window curtains create soft sunlight streaming in, texture provides a decent measure of privacy.

White Ruffle Diamond White Curtains Panel Set for Living and Bedroom 

Delicate, elegant window curtain panels made of a soft, 100% polyester fabric with an all-over ruffled, diamond pattern.

White Sheer Curtains Embroidery Trellis Design Grommet Curtains 

Miuco sheer curtains are a compromise between privacy and lighting, smartly allowing natural light flowing into your room, while still providing privacy.

White Ruffle Curtains Gypsy Lace Curtains 

Made of 100% polyester crushed sheer designed with wide layered crushed voile ruffles, cascading layers of soft, crinkled voile to create an elaborate bouffant styled gypsy ruffle curtains panel.

Luxurious Victorian Pattern Design Sheer Curtain

Gorgeous sheer drapes. Material displays exquisite artisanship and the sewing shows pride in workmanship. 

 Layered Solid Blackout and Sheer Window Curtain Panel Pair (winter white) 

Perfect drapery option for anyone seeking to block daylight, take a nap or keep sun glare off your TV. These woven panels drape beautifully and are interwoven with blackout insulation provided by LightBlock and Thermax technology. 

White Blackout Curtains Wave Line with Dots Grommet

This blackout panels are made of 100 percent high-quality polyester fabric. Each blackout curtain panel has a foil printed wave lines with dots pattern and they are silky, soft, drapery and soft to the touch.


Home Decoration Grommet Top Drapes 

White Pom Pom Tasseled Sheer Bedroom Curtains 

This collection offers a trendy pom pom, lining both sides of the textured transparent voile curtains. Hang these voile sheer drapes in a bedroom or living room to style up and lighten the feel of the room. 

Lush Decor White Circle Dream Window Curtains Panel Set 

Circle dream taffeta window curtains feature circular motifs which create a chic 3D look. 

White Solid Cabana Grommet Top Curtain for Indoor/Outdoor 

Made from water-repellant, mildew resistant polyester fabric. These beautiful panels are the ultimate finishing touch to any pergola, cabana, covered patio, gazebo, dock, beach home, or any outdoor extension of your home. 

White Outdoor Sheer Curtain for Patio and Porch Pergola 

Special treatment of materials, with quick and easy to dry effect, handy to use in the outdoors indoors conditions.

Miami Sheer Textured Indoor/Outdoor Grommet Top Curtain Panel 

100% Polyester. Made from water-repellant, mildew resistant polyester fabric

Rod Pocket White and Grey Striped Dyed Yarn Window Curtains

Yarn-dyed fabric that woven from yarns previously dyed is soft to touch(feel like cotton). The color is more vivid. Long-lasting use, wear resistant, not easily faded.

Outdoor Waterproof Patio White Curtains Drapes Canopy 

Delicate texture, anti-wrinkle and easy care fabric; drape heavy texture, enjoy the poetic life in the pure color. Single layer Oxford shade cloth, UV protection, sunscreen, and heat insulation.

Chic Style Lush Decor White Black Pom Curtain

Small pom tassels on the edge of the panel — ideal curtain for your shabby chic or farmhouse decor.

Boho Tie-up Sheer Ruffle Cotton Curtain with Floral Embroidery

Vintage victorian style, elegant embroidery, the ties can be pulled up as high or low as you like. 100% Linen Cotton.

Handmade Wall Hanging Macrame Curtains Panels

Fringed statement piece is handwoven items. A unique handwoven large macrme curtain,

Moroccan Backdrop Crochet Curtain

Handmade made with strong rope fibers mixed with cotton carefully tied together to maintain shape and stay strong. This curtain has a lot of various ways to style & fits most rods and windows.

Floral Embroidery Sheer Curtains 

Sheer curtains with embroidered flowers, add enough romance to your room. Semi transparent curtain sheers allows the sun to enhance the design.

Floral Silver Leaf Window Sheer Draperies for Bedroom

These silver leaves embroidery sheer curtains give a light, romantic and airy look to a room by allowing soft sunlight to flow through while providing some privacy.

French Country Embroidered White Sheer Curtain Pinch

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