Diamond Tennis Bracelet make a great gift! It’s something you’ll have forever you can wear it every day you can dress it up dress it down and it’s definitely something that you should get.

The diamond tennis bracelet is a classic gift and undeniable a beautiful piece of jewelry. Here are a couple of tips you need to know when you’re looking for the perfect bracelet.

What’s a tennis bracelet?

No, it’s not a sports gear or something you wear to play tennis. The term tennis bracelet actually comes from Chris Evert, who was a famous tennis player. In the US Open 1987 tournament, she was wearing a diamond tennis bracelet and it fell off half through the match. She actually stopped the game to look for the bracelet. From there on it was known as a tennis bracelet.

Different Tennis Diamond Bracelet: Style

Tennis bracelets come in a lot of variations. The term refers to is just a straight line of diamonds that are connected by very minimal metal and there are several types of settings for the tennis bracelet to consider.

Minimal metal wekind of keep our settings low profile. The old-school jewelers have chunkier settings you see lot more metal and they actually sit higher off your wrist so they don’t stack as nicely.

  • Bezel Setting – these are things to pay attention to when you’re looking at style other common settings would be a bezel setting which is going to have a perimeter of metal around the stone.

If you’re the bracelet is in a colored metal because you get to see a lot more of that color. For example like the yellow or rose gold this would be especially beautiful it also tends to make the stones look a little bit bigger

The benefit of the bezel is that maybe you can go down in the carat weight and still have that amplified size look.

  • Channel Setting Style – another setting that’s common but also a little bit more old school would be a channel setting. There’s a a row of metal along the outside of the stones. It doesn’t necessarily showcase the diamonds as nicely as just a sweep prong setting would.

Stacking Tennis Diamond Bracelet

When we think of a tennis bracelet we’re thinking of round diamonds but they come for all different shaped stones including something like this that actually uses multi shaped diamonds. The round is probably the most traditional and also the most everyday and approachable piece.

But if you want to you can stack to wear with a watch or wear with other bracelets, the round stones are more comfortable for an everyday purpose.

Stone Size:

The piece can feel very casual. You might want to keep in mind, smaller carat weight so that it doesn’t overwhelm for every day wear. But if you do go with larger stones, more than 5 carat, it can definitely feel like a special occasion piece. Like the three rows of diamonds bracelet gives you the look of stacking with a convenience and ease of wear with one clasp.

This is a good way to sort of amplify the look of a diamond tennis bracelet. Make it feel a bit more special occasion and a little bit more formal.

If you want to go a lit more traditional. You can alternates diamond and sapphire bracelet or diamond and ruby is also a really great option and add variety to the traditional tennis bracelet.

Choosing Tennis Bracelet Quality:

The tennis bracelet quality the major things you want to pay attention to are obviously the sparkle factor. You want these stones to really sparkle and you know reflect light. As you get into bigger stones you may be able to see imperfections if the stones aren’t of a high clarity. Basically just pay attention to these stones that are “eye clean”.

Things to Remember

Things to remember that stones of this size less than 5 carat wouldn’t generally be certified. You should buy it from trustful of course. You can always ask for an appraisal on diamond bracelet.


To measure your wrist size this is important because most tennis bracelets will be about seven-inch standard length. A lot of people either need shorter or longer than that.

We generally recommend using any tape measure you have at home wrap it around your wrist tightly. Whatever that measurement is, add about a half an inch and that will give you just enough wiggle room.

If this is something you may want to hand down later. It’s always easier to remove links than it is to add them. You may even want to get a longer length that way you have the option to add stones later on. And you can always have it shortened by any local jeweler.


Pricing is going to start around $1,800 and up from there. It isn’t an inexpensive piece but it is something that you’re going to have forever.

You should definitely consider if the next size up is only a couple hundred dollars more. You’ll be happier with long term which case it may be worth going to that next jump.

You can wear it every day you can dress it up dress it down. Diamond tennis bracelet is much more than just a piece of jewelry.

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