Looking for a birthstone necklace for your loved one on that special occasion? We’ve gathered a pretty decent list of birthstone necklace that you can give to your mom, grandma as a gift. All the birthstone pendant in this list have been rated by actual customer, while keeping price in a reasonable range.

The meaning of birthstone

As birthstones have astrological meanings, many people believe that it is good to wear them. Some people also say that birthstones have a calming effect on you when you wear them.

Since the dawn of history mankind has always cherished gemstones due to their exquisite beauty. The ancient civilizations also believed that some gemstones carried certain powers and meanings that even the bible has referenced on them. Such as the 12 gemstones placed in new Jerusalem’s foundation the scholar.

Flavius Josephus linked certain gems to the zodiac signs and themselves it was believed that individuals would be able to receive healing and magical powers.

It’s believed later on that Polish and German traders came up with the birthstone listings and this in turn was familiarized in poems. the months of the year were then mulched with certain aspects of gemstones.

Here are gemstones that may match your month of birth and they’re supposedly inherited qualities.

Birthstone Necklace Pendant


January garnet except for blue garnet comes in every color it is said to make you feel karma, safe from nightmares, and even from snakebites. This gemstone is believed to strengthen your self-image and energy as well.


The birthstone for February is one of the oldest and widely known gemstones. The amethyst. from ancient Greeks until the present day, Amethyst has been a gemstone of pure enjoyment.

March babies have two choices. You have the aquamarine and the bloodstone and these are two very different stones.

Aquamarine is said to make the wearer more intellectual, amiable and unconquerable. It was often worn into battle, but it was also known that it would help you if in any kind of litigation or argument. Aquamarines are said to promote intuition, and crystal balls some of them were made from aquamarine. So aquamarines are said to be very powerful.

Throughout history the bloodstone has also been said to heal blood disorders and help your blood congeal.

The Babylonians wore them as amulets and they would touch it to the body to heal blood disorders.

It’s also known as Christ stone because it is said that when Jesus bled on the cross. His blood changed the Jasper below him into bloodstone. Bloodstone is also said to bring vitality, strength and courage.

April diamonds believed through avert away insanity. Diamonds are known to reawaken love.

Emeralds are associated with health and faithfulness.

June pearls moon stones if marriage is a concern it is believed that these stones have the aura of modesty and stability and relationship it also comes in a variety of colors like creamy white grey and chocolate.

July rubies if harmony peace an integrity of character it is believed that this gem entices good friends and good vibes.

August parotid we’re all posse is a parody and it is believed that it would protect you from evil and sadness a fascinating stone to surely have.

Sapphires are believed to encapsulate purity, faith, and dignity. Coming in a myriad of colors as well.

Blue October opals believed to protect its wearer from distrustful and malicious people it is thought to also epitomize imagination virtue and faith.

November topaz identified with courage and healing this gem is also thought to provide safety for people who travel. It also use to reinforces one’s valuable mental stability.


Tanzanite symbolizes spiritual, exploration, energetic, protection, uniting the heart and the mind. It is said to help calms the mind ,removes old patterns and overcome experiences of fear.

Forever Love Heart Rose Gold Plated Birthstone Pendant Necklaces

Round Cut Birthstone Pendant Necklace August – Peridot

Very sparkling stone. Beauty in simplicity. These silver pieces are built for longevity. Crafted in .925 sterling silver

Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Necklace for Women 14k plated

Infinity Love Heart Pendant Necklace

Elegant Teardrop Shape Birthstone 14K Gold Pendant

Pink Sapphire Heart Pendant Birthstone for with Diamond Pink Sapphire

Natural Gemstone Citrine Gem Birthstone Pendant

Citrine gems, like the splendid rice fields in autumn, are full of charm.

Sterling Silver Wave Birthstone Pendant Necklace

Birthstone Open Loop Cross Pendant Necklace

Accented Gemstone Birthstone Cluster Pendant Necklace


 Ct Oval Shape Gemstone Birthstone Necklace

Mystique topaz іѕ соnѕіdеrеd to be the birthstone of November. It symbolizes Uniqueness, Love & affection.

White color Gemstone combined with this Oval Shaped Solitaire, 14k Solid Gold Pendant Necklace & Gold Plated Silver Chain, Which Will Give you a Luxury minimalist Touch.

Tanzanite Infinity Heart Pendant with Diamonds (5mm Tanzanite)

Birthstone Marquise Tree of Life Pendant

Personalized Silver Mother Child Necklace with Birthstone

Natural and Certified Heart Cut Gemstone and Diamond Wrap Heart Petite Necklace

eart Shape 8mm Endless Love Pendant Necklace

Cross Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Angel Wings Pendant Teardrop

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