Looking for a laid back vacation destination this summer? If overly-crowded beaches make you cringe, you definitely want to seek out places that will give you the best beach vacation without having to share it all with throngs of other tourists. A secret beach and beautiful islands are just what you need to get the maximum relaxation you deserve.

Whether romance is on the agenda, or you’re just looking for the perfect place to chill, these 10 best boho beach retreats are exactly where you need to be! 

  1. NEGRIL, JAMAICA – The island country of Jamaica with its sparkling blue waters and pristine beaches has long been a beach vacation destination. However, if you want to enjoy a more tranquil and Bohemian setting, head to Negril. You’ll get to bask in the sun and the glory of the relaxed Jamaican vibe without having to contend with thousands of other tourists who flock to Jamaican destinations like Montego Bay. Negril has an amazing air of chill that envelops you from the moment you arrive.
  1. ANGUILLA – St. Maarten and St. Barths are just south of Anguilla, an island that enjoys the same fabulously sunny weather and picturesque scenery without competing for space from cruise ships and the jet-set uber-rich taking a break from their homes in the Hamptons. Plus, Anguilla is a much more affordable option. So you get quiet beaches and prime vacation amenities for much less. The only word of caution here is to avoid traveling during the British school holiday periods to ensure maximum seclusion on this beautiful island.

Mexico is an amazingly gorgeous country, however you’ll miss the boat as well as the Bohemian-chill if you book your trip to intensely popular Cancun. In Tulum, on the Yucatan Peninsula, you’ll find the perfect paradise. It’s a secret beach area that remains untouched by rising development you find in other Mexican ports of call. If your idea of the best beach vacation includes disconnecting from your Wi-Fi, then Tulum is everything you need for that boho vibe.

  1. GOA, INDIA – Along the Arabian Sea, you’ll find Goa, which feels worlds away from chaotic Delhi and Mumbai despite being part of India. Beaches with shimmering golden sand stretch along the coast, each one with a different feel to them so you can choose your own ideal heaven. Anjuna in particular is ideal for those hoping for a hippie-esque retreat, as is Mandrem with its totally mellow vibe.
  1. JERICOACOARA, BRAZIL – When most people think of Brazil, they think of Rio de Janeiro and the lively up-all-night Carnival culture. But Brazil has its share of idyllic places with warm waters that lap up onto the sandy beaches dotted with swaying palm trees. Jericoacoara is just one of these magically relaxed Brazilian beach destinations. A small fishing village, it’s home to water sports like kitesurfing and windsurfing for the adventuresome traveler, and leaves plenty of room for simply unwinding in blissful peace. It’s the kind of place where no one is in a hurry, one that while it now features modern-day conveniences like electricity and air conditioning, still holds true to its roots of being a completely secret beach.
  1. BYRON BAY, AUSTRALIA – While Byron Bay is a little less of a secret, particularly among surfers, it’s found a bit of a renaissance with those who seek out meditative inspiration as well as more rustic activities like kayaking and horseback riding. An ideal yoga retreat, it has a spark all its own particularly among the Australian boho crowd. It’s an interesting mix of all walks of life that sears by night with fire-twirlers on the beach and is rife with dining and drinking establishments when you want to shake the sand out from between your toes.
  1. FERNANDO DE NORONHA, BRAZIL – The volcanic archipelago of Fernando de Noronha awaits just off Brazil’s northeast coast. Boasting some of the most unspoiled beaches on the planet, this resplendent island is a marine national park, only gaining that notoriety fairly recently (in 1988). For this reason, it only allows 420 tourists on the island at a time. One of the most secret beaches in the world, this best beach destination is filled with the most spectacular natural beauty with waterfalls that lead to natural swimming lagoons nestled underneath the jagged edges of cliffs.
  1. KO LANTA, THAILAND For miles and miles of beaches without a single jet ski in sight, Ko Lanta has much to offer the boho tourist. It’s charming and calm, unlike other Thailand destinations. Ideal for any budget, it’s a very relaxed way to take in Thailand without the whirlwind atmosphere of Bangkok or Phuket.
  1. BARAZUTO ARCHIPELAGO, MOZAMBIQUE – Turquoise waters you can see right through with brightly colored fish darting about your feet are to be found at Barazuto Archipelago. It’s a protected area due to the vibrant and eclectic range of wildlife from flamingos to Nile crocodiles. You’ll even see dolphins and leatherback turtles. An amazing destination for those who enjoy snorkeling and diving, thanks to its protected national park status, you’ll find it an unspoiled place to unwind.

Puerto Rico is a beautiful island country, unless you’re looking for a little more peace and quiet. Then you’ll need to head to Culebra where you won’t find a single casino, traffic, or giant towering hotel. Instead, you’ll be treated to one of the most slow-paced calms of your life, surrounded by gorgeous bays ideal for snorkeling and plenty of secret beach to soak up the sun on and let your cares melt away.

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