Eye catching colors and bold designs have brought African print to the forefront in the fashion industry, more specifically in swimwear. More and more women are opting for the louder more unique African inspired one-piece over the swimsuits lacking in flair and character. Women often shop for a new bathing suit when they are about to go on a vacation, cruise, resort, pool party, or have some fun on the beach.

The last thing a modern woman wants to do during her vacation is look like everyone else and blend in. In today’s society it is all about standing out and wearing an African print swimsuit will have all eyes on her. There is just something extraordinary about African prints that lifts people’s spirits and want to make them enjoy life a little more. African-Americans are going back to their roots and proudly wearing their African prints and colors, even in their bathing suits.

In addition, globalization has brought African prints and styles more exposure gaining popularity among fashion lovers of all backgrounds. African print swimsuits are as fiery as the sun and as cooling as the rain. The oranges, yellows, golds, reds, and greens represent the earth, mother nature, and Africa’s unique culture that has been overlooked.

Eye-opening African print swimwear is taking swimwear to another level by adding elements of African artistry through the traditional colors and prints. When you see a woman wearing an African print swimsuit you see a woman honoring the beauty of African culture.

African prints in global fashion has always been there through the African diaspora bringing African influences to several countries outside of Africa, but it hasn’t been as highly admired until modern times. We are now seeing an emergence of African print and the fashion world is welcoming it with open arms.

The popularity of African print in swimwear is rising in popularity and women of all colors are falling in love with the boldness which often matches their bold personality and feminine strength. You won’t see a timid, shy, or insecure female in an African print bathing suit. Why? Because it will draw too much attention and will make a statement whether intentionally or not. African print swimsuits are particularly popular among modern women, trendsetters, fearless women who aren’t afraid to speak their mind, but who also appreciate good fashion, or a beautiful bathing suit.

When people think of an African print bathing suit they automatically presume an animal print bathing suit which is further from the truth, as African prints are multifaceted. African prints can also come in pinks, blues, and whites. The boldness can also be balanced for a bit of calmness. The diversity in Africa is represented in the different patterns, styles, and designs making them even more attractive and aesthetically appealing when added onto swimwear such as one-piece bathing suits or two-piece bikinis. In a sense, African print bathing suits are a form of empowerment. Empowerment as a head strong fashion loving woman and empowerment as a proud woman with African heritage. The modern woman no longer wants to play it safe in fashion especially in swimwear.

There is much more that goes into wearing a bathing suit. When a woman wears a bathing suit or bikini they are honoring their bodies. They are expressing themselves. They are exposing both their insecurities and strengths to the public.

Wearing a bathing suit goes beyond throwing on a suit and laying low key on a beach towel. Today’s modern fashionistas are more cultured, respectful of other cultures, appreciative of art, more in love with their bodies and expanding their minds. This is why the African print swimsuit trend is on the rise and is not going anywhere as long as women continue to embrace and appreciate the beauty that African culture brings to the fashion industry.

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