Jasper Stone Handmade Beaded Wrap Leather Bracelet


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Made from natural Ocean Jasper stone. Each beaded leather wrap bracelet is handmade making each one different and unique . All materials are durable, every piece of stones is handpick. 

Ocean Jasper resonates the healing energy of the ocean. It is a useful relaxation tool for its soothing effects on nervous systerm and sarcal chakras. Ocean jasper stone will ensure that you are full of self-love and compassion. Feel the soothing effects of ocean jasper healing as your adrenals realign and become open and balanced. 


  • Genuine leather, natural ocean jasper stone(not plastic), real gold plated hematite(not alloy beads or plastic), picture jasper, white turquoise, labradorite, crystal. Stainless Steel button
  • Size: wrap around wrist 4-5 times (depend on your wrist size), LENGTH AROUND 34.5″ / 35.5″ / 36.5″ 3 adjustable options with a stainless steel button to secure

Ocean Stone, Jasper, Turquoise, Agate, Brass Bead, Stainless Steel Button


Kindly Notes:
1) No wearing it while sweating too much
2) Avoiding the chemicals and being impacted
3) Wipe the jewelry with soft cloth
4) To prevent tarnishing don’t use hair spray while wearing or wear it in the shower

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