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Curtain Ideas for Your Dream Bedroom

30 Bohemian Style Curtain Ideas for Your Dream Bedroom

Bohemian is a style that has been popular in the fashion scene for quite some time now and it seems to have gained notice with regards to home décor. Beautiful bohemian decor is a style statement that combines old world style and the rich ethnic culture. Some of these include Morocco, India, Asia and other Eastern …

Throw Pillow

30 Decorative Throw Pillow Ideas For Living Room and Bedroom

Throw pillow covers are made from a wide range of textiles including cotton, Velvet, Fur/faux fur, silk, linen, suede, wool and chenille. Commonly used piece in interior design and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and decorative elements. The most common throw pillow designs are square ranging from 16 inches to 24 inches. …

20 Bathroom Shelves Decor Ideas and Inspiration

Bathroom Shelves Decor Ideas – No bathroom is complete without a sensible storage solution to organize all the necessary toiletries and stuff we need to use. Different types of shelving provide a nice visual appeal, keeps a space tidy, and expands the bathroom functionality. When styling a bathroom shelf display, the first thing is to observe …

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