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Top Boho Dangle Earrings to Match Your Favorite Outfit

For jewelry lovers looking for a gorgeous vintage style dangle earrings they can confidently wear with any clothing of their choice, you’ll not go wrong to give this enchanting elegant boho chic dangle earrings a try. Uniquely designed to suit your taste and style, these earrings will make you the envy of your peers, all …

White Curtains Ideas For Bedroom and Living Room

White Curtains Ideas For Bedroom and Living Room

Windows feel bear without curtains. They create softness, privacy and filter light. White curtains go with every style and can match any occasion. They can also be re-decorated many years later. Selection of curtains online is endless. We’re going to show you different types of white curtains and drapes so you’ll have an idea which …

Curtain Ideas for Your Dream Bedroom

30 Bohemian Style Curtain Ideas for Your Dream Bedroom

Bohemian is a style that has been popular in the fashion scene for quite some time now and it seems to have gained notice with regards to home décor. Beautiful bohemian decor is a style statement that combines old world style and the rich ethnic culture. Some of these include Morocco, India, Asia and other Eastern …

Throw Pillow

30 Decorative Throw Pillow Ideas For Living Room and Bedroom

Throw pillow covers are made from a wide range of textiles including cotton, Velvet, Fur/faux fur, silk, linen, suede, wool and chenille. Commonly used piece in interior design and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and decorative elements. The most common throw pillow designs are square ranging from 16 inches to 24 inches. …

20 Bathroom Shelves Decor Ideas and Inspiration

No bathroom is complete without a sensible storage solution to organize all the necessary toiletries and stuff we need to use. Different types of shelving provide a nice visual appeal, keeps a space tidy, and expands the bathroom functionality. When styling a bathroom shelf display, the first thing is to oserve the color of your at bathroom walls- …

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